Where There are No Jobs

Where There are No Jobs

Practitioners’ Manual for Changing the World
through Enterprise by David R. Befus

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10 Ways to Help People Get Jobs

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Why you will like the updated, 2011 version of Where There Are No Jobs: The updated version includes more practical tools for creating job programs, detailed outlines for entrepreneurial training, and recent actual case examples from Colombia, Haiti, and other places.

People are expected to work to be able to earn their daily bread. But in a world with increasing levels of unemployment, it gets harder every day to find work. This book presents a variety of methodologies to respond to this need, and explains how the promotion of productive economic activity contributes to the health of communities. It is an important service methodology for transformational development through:

  • Service Enterprises
  • Public Good Support
  • Business Incubators
  • Micro Credit & Revolving Loans

Governments and international agencies need to recognize that productive economic activity is one of many tools for social transformation. Economic development should be added to the "community toolbox," along with health, education, and other traditional social promotion disciplines.


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